Xavant End-User Terms of Service

XEUToS 22 May 2017

By using any Xavant service, you accept and are bound by the Xavant End-User Terms of Service (the "Terms").

  1. In these Terms:
    • "Xavant" means Holly House Management Services (h2m) Limited, the owner and operator of all Xavant services;
    • "Your Organisation" means the organisation that has contracted with Xavant for the supply of a service and of which you are a member or employee or contractor;
    • the "Service" means any online service supplied to Your Organisation by Xavant under the terms of Xavant's Service License Agreement;
    • "Personal Content" means digital content that is created and stored by you within a Service and that is related to you as an individual rather than to Your Organisation.
  2. As an end-user you have access to the Service solely by virtue of your relationship with Your Organisation. There is no privity of contract between you and Xavant beyond these Terms.
  3. Your right to access the Service at any time is solely at the option of Your Organisation. Any question or dispute regarding your right to access the Service is between you and Your Organisation.
  4. Xavant's liabilities in respect of the Service are strictly limited to the liabilities set out in Xavant's Service License Agreement.
  5. Your Personal Content is your copyright. You have no copyright in any display or text elements created by the Service.
  6. You may not create Personal Content that is illegal for any reason in any jurisdiction where you live or work or access the Service or in England and Wales.
  7. Xavant is not liable in any way for any Personal Content created by you, and you indemnify Xavant in full for any expenses incurred by Xavant as a result of your personal Content.
  8. You may not use Personal Content to store information other than for the purpose of the Service.
  9. Xavant may remove all or part of your Personal Content at any time without notifying you if Xavant at its sole discretion deems that said Personal Content breaches any of these Terms.
  10. Your Organisation
  11. You agree that the courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction in any action arising out of or relating to these Terms. You waive any objection now or in future to said jurisdiction and agree not to bring or be party to any action in any other jurisdiction to which either you or Xavant might be entitled by domicile or otherwise.